Ontario Back Woods

Ginger (because I am), Bush (because of where I live), (Bugs) Bunny (I should have made a left at Albuquerque).

I have traveled far and wide in my time,...How I ended up here is something I ask myself regularly.

Once young and Beautiful, I am now Crone, more than a Half Century Old. Yet, I remain an Artist (MA), a Mother (of 1), and Historical Reenactor (37 years).

I moved to the country long ago, to heal from the madness,... to raise my daughter without fear. A small parcel of land, in the Back Woods of Ontario. It's back to basics; winter wood, goat milking, free range eggs, etc., subsistence farming, a lot of elbow grease, blood, sweat & tears.

No dishwasher, no A/C, no TV, no Cell phone, no Tweets. I "converse", yes, actually speak to people. So if you "Follow", expect an honest t'goodness exchange, a "Conversation", I want to know your mind.

My daughter is grown now, a Person first, not defined by her gender, but by her deeds.

My creative spirit is a beast who, when unleashed, dominates my entire being.
It has been sleeping, hidden away,...It stirs now, wakening, sniffing the air, catching a scent, ... There is something a foot.

Ask me anything  

This is an Elk hide coat I made & beaded some years ago.  

One of several articles of Elk hide clothing I have made, all hand cut and sewn.

It’s not me in the photo, but was taken at my home on the farm.

There is also a better look at my Fowler Flintlock Musket 50 C, hand made by our Reenactor’s group Gunsmith.


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